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I have never had a massage therapist so concerned with my health that they were willing to work not only with my physician, but also my chiropractor and physical therapist to find the root cause of my pain and allow me to heal. I cannot say enough good things about Robin, her modalities and her willingness to work cohesively as a team for the benefit of just one of her clients. I highly recommend calling Holistic Bodywork Massage and Yoga - you won't be disappointed!

~ Jennifer W. - Kirkland, WA

I have been seeing Robin for therapeutic bodywork for several years. I'm impressed at how she continues to keep updated on new modes of treatment by the many continuing education hours she attends. Her massage techniques are very effective. She is intuitive in finding the problem areas that need work on in my body. I feel so much better after my treatments with her. Robin and Forrest compliment each other on their modes of treatment. I have highly recommended them to my family and friends.

~ Jeanette F. - Monroe, WA

I started with Robin for massage therapy on my back and neck. Robin is very thorough and professional in her care and application. I also have had sessions with Forrest and was well pleased with the Neurolink therapy. The sessions of Neurolink and my change of diet has had a positive outcome in my health to this day.

~ Howard F. - Monroe, WA

A referral from my Dr. to Holistic Bodywork was a godsend! In 2006/07 I had two bunion surgeries on the same toe. Dec. 2008 I was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease symptoms including arthritis of the neck and dystonia of the left foot (severe twisting of muscle.) Robin did Deep Tissue massage using techniques that I didn't know existed, which eased the painful areas down to minimal pain. She found all the tight muscles and it gave me such relief for the chronic pain. Forrest helped me over come my fear of anyone touching my foot after surgery. He did the Rossiter system on my feet, which helped break up the tight fascia. He made me realize a great deal of the fear was in my head: a light bulb moment. After that my fear was released and so was the pain. Though quiet spoken, he is a great listener and would often make me laugh at myself of my lack of balance. He was also great at Deep Tissue and the Neurolink was amazing of what he could tell me about what was going on in my body. Robin and Forrest have had a huge impact on my life, as I have learned more about my Parkinson's related symptoms.

~ Kellie W. - Snohomish, WA

Dear Robin,

I'd like to thank you personally for all of your efforts over the past ten months.

As you are aware I am scheduled to have a hip replacement surgery in late June and I have been putting this off since July of 2012. I have tried every possible medical remedy for relief. Where modern medicine and multiple hospital visits, steroid injections, and over-the-counter drugs failed, you succeeded.

Between your therapeutic massage and the products you recommended you have quite literally kept me on my feet for almost a year.

My arthritis has diminished my mobility to the point now where there will be no more delay to the inevitable. However, I will still ask you to help me once again, as I believe only you can, to relieve my pain before surgery.

~ Jim C. - Monroe, WA

Having worked with Robin as a client for over 10 years I can attest to her abilities as a LMP. She shows outstanding devotion to her work and is constantly striving to upgrade her practical knowledge base. Not only is Robin a superb practitioner, but she constantly upgrades the application of her skills with further training, reading and practice. She has a deep knowledge of massage work which is complimented by her yoga practice and teaching experience.

Not only is Robin's bodywork delivered to a high standard, but her professionalism is top-notch also. Appointments are always held as scheduled and she is willing to try to accommodate changes if needed by her clients.

I strongly recommend Robin as a LMP for anyone seeking such treatment. She has a unique ability and level of effectiveness due to her vast experience and knowledge.

~ Bruce G. - Monroe, WA

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