Yoga as Structural Therapy...

Yoga as Structural Therapy combines Yoga and Myofascial Release to help re-structure and re-pattern the body.

The practitioner will look at your postural alignment and patterns that are contributing to muscular and fascia pain and discomfort.  Massage techniques will be used during a session to help release, stretch and strengthen the myofascia.

You will be taught Yoga postures and movements, with corrections, to help you become more aware of your alignment while in a yoga posture, while walking, and sitting. This effort will help create a more balanced postural alignment while decreasing pain and discomfort.

Your session can be followed up with a second session to fine-tune and make sure you are doing the postures correctly.

For 1 ½ hours your cost is $120.00 (includes emailed recap of session).

Yoga on the Edge

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