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Holistic Bodywork - Massage and Yoga has been providing stress relief and relaxation to the Monroe area for over 30 years. Our intention is to help others move toward balance and optimal health through the power of touch and movement. We enjoy working with people of all ages and are rewarded by seeing our clients progress with less discomfort and a more mobile lifestyle.

Robin and Forrest have specialized training in several types of massage and bodywork.  If your session is directed by a doctor or health care provider, the prescription will be reviewed and your health care goals will be discussed. A combination of massage modalities will be used, along with hydrotherapy, and aromatherapy when appropriate.

Your input is valuable before, during, and after the session. We will make every effort to make your session as comfortable and therapeutic as possible.

We appreciate the opportunity to provide you with a therapeutic massage and/or yoga session. We hope that our “holistic” approach to relieving stress, discomfort, and pain will please you, relax you, and give you a feeling of “well-being”.

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